Monotheistic Sunrise

For years, gods filled the night sky
Jupiter, Neptune, and others shone bright for the ancients.
They softly whispered when it was time to plant,
Time to harvest, and time to prepare for winter.

Over time, though, the whispers began to fade.
It was no longer time to quietly listen.
In the land of the bright sun
A new god arose.

Powerful, the new god would become,
His worshipers followed the sky to a new land.
While others stayed behind with a disc.
Eventually, the gods of the night faded completely.

Today, the night is full of stars and wonder.
The whispers of the night have been silenced.
During the day, however, the sun shines bright
And the new god quietly whispers…

by Cody McCullough


Statue of Akhenaten photo by Elizabeth McCullough

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