Near Death

By my count,
I have nearly died
Three times.

My first escape
Came behind the wheel
Of a twirling car.

My second triumph
Came by evading a
Misguided hand.

The last victory
Came by outlasting
An eruption from within.

During the first two,
I was unable to
Grasp the significance.

The last event
Though, was much,
Much different.

My soul wept
And saw the dimming
Light of my existence.

Then I realized, there is
Nothing  more sad than
That which is left undone.

From that day on,
I knew I must finish
Everything I’d left for the future.

The question,
Was how?

by Cody McCullough

6 thoughts on “Near Death

  1. Thanks for the comment. This poem is an important piece to the collection as a whole, and for something else that I have in mind…

    • Thanks for the comment. I’ve been trying as much as possible to not leave things undone. Of course, sometimes it’s easier said than done….

  2. Facing our fear lets go our so called protective wall, it is that wall that keeps us from living. Once truly understanding what drives our fear underneath it all, it then loses its power and we are free 😀

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