The Forgotten Realm

Hidden beneath
our feet lies
the forgotten realm.

Its paths and relics
fade with time
and disintegrate.

They exist only
in a disappearing

Preservation barely
recovers the
decaying past.

by Cody McCullough



Photo by Cody McCullough

11 thoughts on “The Forgotten Realm

  1. Good one. Trying to reclaim the past is doomed to failure. Unless we attempt to claim its spirit rather than its entirety. But then, isn’t the act of reclaiming merely an interpretation of the past with today’s spin? (Well, this is necessarily a yes.) Yet through our conceptions of the past (based on what relics we have and continue to acquire), the ‘past of sorts’ can be – to some extent – seen to ‘live on’ (…Perhaps so). 🙂

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