Interest Rates

The cost of being poor,
And the luxury of being wealthy, is interest.

The wealthy man gets paid for being wealthy,
And the poor man pays for being poor.

Over time, the poor man learns he must work hard.
After all, he has to pay his way plus interest.

The wealthy man congratulates the hard work.
After all, he couldn’t stay wealthy without the extra support.

It must be nice to live without interest….

by Cody McCullough

10 thoughts on “Interest Rates

  1. Beautifully written about an unfortunate truth.

    BTW – I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I made mention of it in my Warm & Fuzzy blog and, yes, I am having a ping back challenge. I hope to figure it out tomorrow, though I was told it is not necessary. If you do what the warm/fuzzy says to do, you are good to go – just copy the image link.

    You are an inspiring blogger – I know that I am inspired by your writing:)

    • I definitely think the rich have an “interest” in it. Although, they’d probably rather not talk about it too conspicuously.

  2. Thank you everyone. I had trouble letting this poem go yesterday. I wanted to tinker with it, but I’m glad that I left it mostly unchanged. More often than not, I’m right the first time….

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