Learning to Let Go

Like a winding river,
Sometimes my mind drifts
To thoughts of life’s perils.

Violence, disease, abuse,
Drugs, war, and poverty
Are just a few of my worries.

How will my children
Navigate the winding river,
And pass along to calm water?

My instinct is to keep them close.
Like a tugboat, I pull them along life’s river.
The steering wheel firmly in my hands.

Eventually, though, we both know
That we’ll reach the ocean
And I’ll have to let go.

If I’m not mindful now,
They won’t learn to navigate
And the ocean will be stormy when we arrive.

That is why I teach,
Giving them enough slack to
Learn to navigate for themselves.

After all, the world also has
Love, happiness, compassion,
Faith, healing, and peace.

The ocean voyage is not for me.
I can only impact the weather when we arrive.
That is why, I must learn to let go.

by Cody McCullough


Photo by Elizabeth McCullough

11 thoughts on “Learning to Let Go

  1. Very inspiring verse for a mom like me. I have an 8-year-old son who is so curious of almost everything. Just a simple visit in the neighborhood could pull myself down with anxiousness if he’s doing all right. I really should learn to let go sometimes and build his sense of responsibility. 🙂

    • My oldest daughter is only 8 years old. We’ll see how I do in 10 years. I have a feeling it is going to be harder than I realize.

      • Yes, it will:) I will tell you something funny – I have written a piece about him going away. Jordan caught sight of it and got upset with me – he thinks I am anxious to send him away NOW. He said – “you are talking about me like i am already gone!” I have tried to tell him “no, this is not the case”. I have been thinking about the moment he entered high school. 🙂

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