29 thoughts on “My Children

  1. You have an interesting rhythm going on there. And this is a very positive poem, I love it. But I do wonder what you mean by ‘right’. I’m guessing moral code I suppose. They are quite cute!

    • I’m glad you like the poem and photo. The house is actually the 23-room Pittock Mansion, which overlooks Portland. Our home is much smaller.

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    • I appreciate your nomination for the Love and Kindness Award. It reminds me that my most liked poem didn’t have a dark tone to it. Instead, well, it sided with love and kindness. Definitely two good things to have on your side. Thank you for the nomination.

      • I posted It here like randomly to tell you the truth! Sorry If does not go well with the tone of your poem… Well Maybe somehow It does, as you have said… Reasons beneath… Who knows and why not?
        Thanks for sharing your poetry and best wishes, Aquileana 🙂

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