Amongst the Cosmos

Dark, cold, and incomprehensibly large,
The universe is ever expanding.

With billions of galaxies,
Floating throughout its expanse.

Shaped into peculiar clusters,
These giant systems spin through all existence.

A supermassive black hole at their center,
Holding millions, if not trillions, of stars together.

Within this enormity,
Solar systems etch out their domain.

Many in unforgiving, if not treacherous,
Regions of space and time.

On the edge of a galactic spiral arm,
One star found a mostly forgiving place.

Along with seven silent brothers and sisters,
Our blue and green world circles it.

Like a needle in a nearly infinite haystack,
We lie hidden amongst the cosmos.

Are we a fluke, a miracle, or one of many?
We may never know.

Regardless, we should respect this place.
It is our only home, and may be the only one.

by Cody McCullough

14 thoughts on “Amongst the Cosmos

  1. space … the final frontier …. enjoyed reading this Cody and the message is certainly one we all should be reminded of from time to time. There’s no place like home, maybe literally … take care of it or else.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my little writing blog earlier Cody, I really appreciate you taking the time. As someone who writes a great deal about space, this poem attracted me. I love the imagery and wistfulness of it. It reminds me of an emotional piece I tried to write once but could never quite find the words. Being a poet is a mastery of words and I’m happy to see someone who can find them. The world needs poets, even if the world refuses to hear.

    • Thank you Mike. I’ve always been fascinated by space, which made this a fun poem to write. I think it turned out nicely.

  3. Just such a pleasure to read – beautiful stuff. Those last four lines are haunting. We can only live in the heart of mystery. I must say I’.m quite happy with that. Too much certainty makes me suspicious. Often it sounds too much as though we have it all tied up and explained. Thanks for a wonderful post.

  4. This one is so beautiful, you capture the vastness, beauty and mystery of the cosmos so beautifully. The contemplate of the universe in its unknowable vastness always inspires me and blows my mind.

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