Fantasy Worlds

We all lack something,
No one is perfect.

Some overcompensate,
Others surrender.

Either way,
There is an escape.

Fantasy worlds,
Surround us.

Like secret passageways,
To unearthly dimensions.

They mold to our,
Porous souls.

With a warm embrace
That tickles our spine.

And satisfies,
Our innermost desires.

In moderation,
They lessen life’s burdens.

Overly indulged,
The warm embrace morphs.

Like a boa constrictor,
It grips tightly.

Until we are hopelessly,
Locked within its embrace.

by Cody McCullough

5 thoughts on “Fantasy Worlds

  1. I can relate to this in so many ways. I lived in entire fantasy universes as a kid, they sat right along side the seemingly objective ‘real’ universe (although that’s just an appearance in and known only by my consciousness as well). Now I get to write about them and share them with other people which is pretty amazing 🙂 Another beautiful poem, thought-provoking.

    • Thank you for another great comment. I too, like to imagine fantasy universes. Currently, I’m working on a writing project that is based in this world, but in reality is the manifestation of a fantasy world. I’m looking forward to revealing more about it, after I finish this collection of poetry.

  2. I love the line ‘like secret passages’, it evokes a tangible escape a retreat through imagination. Perhaps we are all due a trip back to something like that, reality is a bit over rated.

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