Mēdén Ágan

A new age is dawning,
We are ushering it in.

Change is inevitable,
And everywhere.

The past has become,
Forsaken, and forgotten.

The present and future,
Are all that matter.

The question at hand:
Where do we go from here?

But amnesia,
Now grips the land.

Into the wilderness,
We march ahead.

The past was archaic,
And imperfect.

But without it,
Where would we be?

The question is now:
Do we reinvent, or redirect?

Whatever we choose,
Let’s not forget Apollo’s advice.

by Cody McCullough

6 thoughts on “Mēdén Ágan

  1. The first truly global catastrophe can only be collectively solved when the differences of people (which is natural) is not seen as an obstacle, but rather the focal point for the struggle to unify all to save all – human, animal, plant and planet – from extinction.

    This is an existential, humane, social issue… but politics will try to get in the way.

    Nothing in excess? I concur.

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