Aristotle’s Absence

Extremists are everywhere.
Their exaggerated truths,
Moving closer to reality.

Every facet of our lives,
Including our families,
Is vulnerable to infiltration.

The world is black and white,
They tell us,
There are no shades of gray.

The Doctrine of the Mean
Is part of the past, they say,
And should be forgotten.

Finding the sensible middle,
Between two extremes,
Is no longer our task.

Instead we are told
We must pick a side,
Or we cannot belong.

Excess and deficiency, though,
Are no place to call home.
I search for virtue instead.

by Cody McCullough

9 thoughts on “Aristotle’s Absence

    • The idea for this poem had been floating around in my mind for sometime. When I sat down to write, everything just flowed out.

  1. This is really brilliant. You study before you write. A genuine thinker. Well done. Also, thank you for reading my attempt at fiction.

    • Thank you for reading my work too. Like I said in my previous comment, this poem just flowed from an idea that I had for quite sometime. That idea, though, became ripe after much pondering and studying.

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