The Society of Inimitable Livers

After the last great feast,
Dionysus marched out of Alexandria
Leaving a Gladius and an asp.

Years later, he marched into
The great new republic,
And the feast began anew.

Once again citizens seized life,
And celebrated with grandeur and spectacle
Like the sun would not rise the following day.

Again, Dionysus grows restless
As resources dwindle and the party wanes
He prepares to depart leaving a choice.

Continue to feast and accept the Gladius and asp,
Or begin to conserve and hope for survival.
As the music fades, the choice is in our hands.

by Cody McCullough

8 thoughts on “The Society of Inimitable Livers

  1. It is the name of a society created by Mark Antony and Cleopatra. I liked the story of it, so I found a way to work it into one of my poems.

  2. My favourite part is “Dionysus marched out of Alexandria
    Leaving a Gladius and an asp.” There’s something very striking about that imagery. Nice job.

    • Thank you Max. The idea for this poem really began with those opening lines. From there, I just followed the idea to completion.

  3. i always loved cleopatra, i once had in the facebook app “what was your last birth?” i got it as cleopatra, so i believe there is an striking common instinct or may b i m the modern verson of her……yes i knew about her social drinking society, i was finding it so i fdound your poem…well i wuld like to name my lounge – bar by this name……….AMEN

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