Population Zero

For more than three billion years,
Life had existed on Earth.
Now, it is gone.

Two billion years ago,
Life exploded with the evolution of the nucleus.
Now, it is gone.

Six hundred million years ago,
Animals formed and began to rule.
Now, they are gone.

For nearly two hundred million years,
Giants roamed the land.
Now, they are gone.

Two hundred thousand year ago,
Homo Sapiens first walked upon this Earth.
Now, we are gone.

Today the Earth became barren again;
The war spared no one, and nothing.
Now, everything is gone.

What a beautiful world it was;
Perhaps, the greatest miracle ever in a sea of darkness.
Now, it is gone.

by Cody McCullough


Photo by Elizabeth McCullough

8 thoughts on “Population Zero

  1. I think it will be climate change, not war, that ends Life on our beautiful planet. And it won’t be long. I just read that the polar bears are eating each other because they no longer can find enough food.

    • Thank you for your comment. Hopefully in the future things will change, and war will become a thing of the past….

    • That is true. With the weapons that we are creating today, I wonder if there would be anything left if we ever have another world war. Probably, just radioactive ants….

      • They’ve studied that. Depends on how many and what sort of weapons are used, but cockroaches will survive. Lots of animals will survive, including a good handful of wily humans…
        I’d say your odds are about 50- 50!

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