The Beast Within…

Lurking in the shadows,
Is the beast within.

With eyes wide-open,
It is docile and tame.

With eyes wide-shut,
It is wild and savage.

Denial fuels,
Its flames.

On the plateau,
The shadow is clear.

Decreases its power.

The chromosome,
Must be held in check.

Lest it cease,
To exist.

The majority win,
The war.

The few that lose,
Beg the question:

Is it valid,
Or is there another way?

The future,
Holds the answer.

by Cody McCullough

6 thoughts on “The Beast Within…

  1. I can certainly connect with this Piece!
    It could even have been written by my recent thoughts!
    I declare you a mind reader!

    • I suppose if we look at it from a purely mathematical standpoint, there’s a good chance that many of our thoughts aren’t purely unique. With more than 7 billion humans on the planet, there are bound to be many similar thoughts floating around. Of course, I like the idea of being a mind reader better. So, I’ll go with that one….

  2. This post makes us think deeply. I find your words “Acceptance, Decreases its power” quite profound. Would love to practice this.
    Many thanks.

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