The Final Verdict

Long has the question
Plagued me.

What is the
Final verdict?

Above the moon,
Orion’s belt answered me.

The days of the Bowman
Are no more.

I ignored the signs,
For as long as I could.

Life, is the future;
It is all that matters.

Without it,
There is no point.

It is not the realm
Of one species.

Instead, it is all
That encompasses existence.

We are all symbiotic beings,
Dependent upon one another.

In the past, this was sacred;
Now it is taken for granted.

Our hunger for blood and safety,
Has blinded us all.

The choice is at hand;
It will be quick.

Live together,
Or die as one.

by Cody McCullough

12 thoughts on “The Final Verdict

  1. Good words! Like a basket of apples, it only takes lone to ruin the bunch. There are so many bad apples in the basket of humanity… I fear humans are, by the desires of a few, doomed.

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