The Wholeness of Being

Euphoria has embraced me.
The wholeness of being,
Finally realized.

What’s next?
I no longer care.
I have reached the plateau.

Falling off the edge,
Is no longer a concern.
It simply does not matter.

If I do fall,
I will not fear;
Finality is reality.

It is inevitable,
And should be embraced.
For I have reached the climax.

It was wonderful,
And I would not trade
It for anything.

I lived.
It was beautiful,
And short.

The alternative
Is much,
Much, less desirable.

Perhaps, my words
Will sit upon the plateau forever.
Perhaps, they will be dismissed.

Either way,
I gave them life,
And there is nothing greater.

by Cody McCullough

13 thoughts on “The Wholeness of Being

    • I think I know how you feel. I wrote this one as I was nearing the completion of this entire poetry project. I was so relieved and happy to reach the end of the journey that I came up with this poem to express how I felt. I couldn’t help, but add in the “falling off the edge” part. Of course, I didn’t know at the time that the project would morph into something bigger. It’s funny how that works. As soon as you finish one project, you begin another….

    • Mostly I just neurotically worry that people will not like my work, or style. I’m glad to hear that there is warmth to it. Sometimes I just need to take a step back, and trust myself. Of course if I were better at that, I probably wouldn’t have written anything in the first place….

      • You’re right. You are probably the best critic of your own work, as they say. So take heart, mate. Your gut-feeling, I’d say, is about right 🙂

  1. It is inevitable,
    And should be embraced.
    For I have reached the climax.

    I love how you worded this!! What a beautiful but true writing! Also thank you for liking my poem.

    • Thank you. I used to be afraid of put my writing “out there,” but not anymore. All I had to do was nearly die, so that I could realize there is nothing to be afraid. Too bad I didn’t realize that all along….

  2. Hi Cody, I like your style too. Soothing to read ,and nurtured…somehow. I not only like your verse but its presentation.

    And the following …. nice! When a poem comes alive, takes on a personality of its own…. you have done it!

    “Either way,
    I gave them life,
    And there is nothing greater” This is so TRUE!

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