The Empire Falls

Power fades slowly
Over the centuries.

When it dies
It devours the willing,

And suffocates
The reluctant.

The genius of Augustus
Fails eventually.

From the ashes
Chaos reigns.

Anarchy is
The future;

Unless the new

Walks along the
Unprecedented path.

Oblivion may be

But only if the blind
Can see again.

by Cody McCullough


Photo by Elizabeth McCullough

21 thoughts on “The Empire Falls

  1. I just saw “Free Angela and All Political Prisoners”. I was struck by the difference between my generation (Angela Davis’) and the current generation. Apropos to your poem.

  2. Hey, Cody, I’m currently in the process of setting up an Apocalypse Thursdays weekly spotlight-type deal, whereby I reblog any apocalypse-themed work I stumble upon while checking out other people’s blogs.

    The Empire Falls has that kind of “end of times” feel for me, so I was wondering whether you could see it being reblogged within the context I’ve described? Cheers

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    • For some reason, frightening ideas just come to me naturally. At least now I have found a good use for them. Thank you for your comment.

  4. Liked it again. “When the blond will see” is full of hope, though it reminds me of “when pigs will fly” or “quand les poules auront des dents”! (Please pardon my warped sense of humour, I do agree with you wholeheartedly!) Very good one! Thank you. 🙂

    • No worries, about the warped sense of humor. I have one of those myself. It’s always good to hear from someone who thinks like me. Thank you for your comment.

      • Actually, rereading my comment, there is a typo: blOnd instead of blInd! Hilarious!
        Ye be good naw!

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