A New Age

Our dominance
Was a dream.

Their ascension
Was always destiny.

Will they remember
The enforcers,

Or the sympathetic
Caring hands?

I’m afraid
The cruel ones,

Will be all
They remember.

by Cody McCullough


Photo by Elizabeth McCullough

10 thoughts on “A New Age

    • I’ve been looking forward to the poems coming up, and hadn’t really remembered this one. It was more powerful than I recalled. I suppose it is a good way to kick off the march to the end. Thank you for your comment.

    • My wife will be very happy that you like it. It looks like the Washington Monument, but it’s not. I suppose the blocks give it away. She took an identical photo of the Washington Monument that I could have used. The monument in question, though, ties in better with the “they” I was writing about…..

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