Influences of the Writing Process

        A blank page.  A story, a poem, even a work of nonfiction, always begins with a blank page.  A writer can, literally, write about anything.  So what turns a blank page into one filled with words?  Well, of course it is the writer, but beyond that it is the the writer’s thoughts and ideas.  Going even further, though, there must be influences.  Books, movies, music, friends, family, the list goes on and on….  I’ve always considered these influences to be my muses, which is why I dedicated “The Past, Present, and Future” to all of my muses.  As I continue the writing process of the companion novel to “The Past, Present, and Future,” I would like to spend some blog-time honoring the muses that made this project happen.  In total, I have singled out five poems, five songs, five movies, and five books that in many ways influenced me and became my muses for this project.

        Each week, for the next 20 weeks, I’ll reveal one of my muses and explain how each influenced this project.  It should be a fun journey through my mind, and my writing process.  Hopefully, it will shed light on the moment of inception.  That is, the moment this project went from a loose collection of thoughts and ideas floating through the river of consciousness in my mind to words filling up blank pages.

        Since this project began with poetry, I’ll start there.  This Saturday, I’ll begin the poetry countdown with my number five poetic influence.  I’ll then progress through the rest of my poetic influences.  Afterward, I will move through my music, film, and book influences in succession.  I’m excited to continue “The Past, Present, and Future” with this mini-project, as it will give me the opportunity to both single out my influences and explain how each contributed to my writing process.


Photo by Elizabeth McCullough

10 thoughts on “Influences of the Writing Process

    • I’m glad I could provide inspiration. In the end, there’s not much better than that. Thank you for your comment.

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