Musical Influence No. 5: “Radioactive”

        I’ve always been interested in apocalyptic themes, which is probably why such themes show up in my writings.  This interest may also explain my fascination with the new song from Imagine Dragons titled “Radioactive.”  According to the song, “this is it, the apocalypse.”  Just last year, many people believed that the apocalypse was in fact upon us.  Aside from generating a few hokey movies, the Mayan apocalypse that was supposed to materialize was a bust.  Fortunately, for writes such as myself, apocalyptic projects still seem to be very much in vogue.  This year alone, films such as Oblivion, World War Z, and This Is the End have or will hit theaters.  There’s also a chance that Jaden Smith’s performance in the post-apocalyptic film After Earth will actually cause the apocalypse.

        My best apocalyptic work has come in the form of “Population Zero,” and “The Empire Falls.”  I also have a few apocalyptic story ideas floating around in my brainstorming notes.  A New Beginning…, though, doesn’t focus on apocalyptic themes.  Similar to my collection of poetry, they exist but only on an ancillary level.  Like the poetry collection, A New Beginning… is a coming-of-age story about a boy and his dog.  OK, I couldn’t help but crack a joke since I didn’t get to do that much in my poetry.  A New Beginning… is an existential journey about awakening the humanity within us all, of course, with a little bit of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll mixed in for good measure.  Speaking of which, I have some writing to do….  For now, enjoy the Imagine Dragons video for “Radioactive” below:

11 thoughts on “Musical Influence No. 5: “Radioactive”

    • I’m glad you find my blog to be entertaining. Given my previous comment, I wonder if that makes me odd? Either way, I’ll take it. Thank you for your comment.

  1. my older son gets into the apocalypse. both of my boys see the movie WW Z as a joke – especially since it was written by the son of Mel Brooks! I honestly try not to think about ‘the end’ – i do enjoy a good sci-fi flick and have read quite a few futuristic books – but for me it is not a big influence.

    • You can never underestimate a good joke. Sometimes, you just have to laugh. I have to admit, there are a lot of bad apocalyptic movies and books out there. Sometimes, I like watching/reading and laughing at them. Other times, I get annoyed at how bad they are. I guess it’s all just a state of mind. Anyway, thanks for the comment.

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