Film Influence No. 3: Memento

        What is real, and what is imagined?  Scientifically speaking, reality depends a great deal on the inner workings of our minds.  Since our mind processes what we see more quickly than what we hear, our brain constantly adjusts reality in the effort to synchronize our perception of the world.  That being the case, we are always a split second away from true reality.  This, of course, means that reality has a great deal to do with perception.  Now imagine that you are Leonard Shelby, the protagonist of Memento, and you no longer have the ability to make new memories.  What would your reality be?

        As you may have noticed, I’m a big Memento fan.  One of the reasons that I liked the film so much, is that it kept my mind working trying to figure out what was going to happen next.  A great deal of the intrigue has to do with the nonlinear narrative structure.  In the film, there are two different sequences (past and present) flowing in different directions.  The sequences meet at the end of the film bringing the story together.  I found the technique to be very intriguing, which is probably why I incorporated a similar structure into A New Beginning….  When it comes to my story, though, two sequences just wouldn’t do.  No, I needed one sequence more (the future).

        Speaking of my story, I suppose I had better get to work.  The summer is almost over, and I still have work to do (like Christopher Nolan, I have another project in my back pocket that would like to be born some day).  In the meantime, enjoy the trailer for Memento.  If you haven’t seen the film yet, I would suggest doing so.  I believe you’ll like it.  Oh yeah, while we’re on the topic of the inner working of our minds you might as well enjoy the video for “Hurricane” from MS MR as well.

8 thoughts on “Film Influence No. 3: Memento

  1. Very interesting – I love films and novels about reality and unreality, the workings of the mind and what we think we have seen – or not! 🙂 Thank you for the reminder to watch this film, I think my brother would enjoy this too. And I love that song! 😀 Is that featured in Memento?

    • I hope you like the film. The song isn’t featured in Memento. I just like it, and was waiting for a good opportunity to include it in a post. Today was that day. Thanks again for the comment.

  2. I’ve never seen this film, I always like a timely reminder to watch it though. I love questioning everything, partly because I am obnoxious like that and partly because of curiosity, that’s why I enjoy blogging so much.

    • I question everything too. For the same reasons, of course. It’s been awhile since, I’ve actually watched Memento. Still, though, I remember that it had a big impact on me. Now that I’m older and balancing so many responsibilities, I sometimes feel that I’m losing my short term memory as well. Fortunately, my memories do come back eventually. Unfortunately, though, they usually pop up when I’m trying to go to sleep….

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