Coming Full Circle

   When the journey concludes, time begins anew and you find yourself right back where you began.  With the exception of time and perspective, of course.  Followers of my blog may have noticed that the photo for “The Journey Begins…” and “The Journey Concludes…” are taken from the same location, a shrine in Japan.  “The Journey Begins…” photo is taken as one looks out from the shrine; while “The Journey Concludes…” photo is taken as one arrives back at the shrine and looks inward.  This symbolizes the journey coming full circle, or the end of The Past, Present, and Future.

   Sometimes, though, life grants you a reprieve.  A second chance to pursue the journey, only with a glimpse of truth in your back pocket.  Such a chance, could only be described as A New Beginning…  Writing a story that deals with such a theme, though, is a journey unto itself.  So, it came as no surprise that writing A New Beginning… has come with many twists and turns.

   As I have mentioned before, much of my writing comes from the dark cave in my mind.  One day, as I lit a torch and headed into the cave, I saw a mark left by a certain “Joe” that pointed in a different direction.  That mark, though, led away from the task at hand.  What’s a writer to do when they find themselves in such a conundrum?  Fortunately for me, one of the major themes that I’ve been writing about is time.  Having thought about time a great deal, in order to master its essence in my writing, I knew that it was on my side.  With the warm light of my torch shining down upon the mark, I examined it thoroughly.  Understanding my new path, I then slid through the damp cave walls on my journey to a new destination.  When I arrived, I found 23 lost poems: The poems that time forgot.  I also found my lost influences there.

   In the days that followed, I lugged each poem out of the dark cave and brought each to life.  After finishing the last poem, I realized that I had found the lost treasure in my mind.  The missing piece of the The Past, Present, and Future.  I had just completed the “Lost in Time” collection.  The final, and previously missing, piece of The Past, Present, and Future.  In the days that followed, I revised the original 70 poems and combined everything.  The entire “compilation,” as I like to call it, is now complete.

   With my poetry now whole, it is time to finish the book.  When that will come, I do not know.  After all, I have a new time line to introduce….   One thing that I do know, is that my lost influences still need to be lugged out of the dark cave.  There are three of them, but they’re not like the others.  No, they’re all together different.  I’ve lugged out a few parts, but each influence is a bit heavier than the previous lot.  I suppose, I’ll need more time to compose each.  A month should do.  I imagine the third day of the month would be as good a time as any to release each.  Please come back on 3/3, 4/3, and 5/3 for the unveiling of each.  After that, I suppose I’ll just have to let you know what I plan to do with my compilation.  Oh, I suppose you’ll want to know where I am at with A New Beginning… as well.  Barring anymore detours, I should make good progress between now and then.  That is, as long as I remember that time is on my side….

8 thoughts on “Coming Full Circle

    • I suppose I have gotten a bit ahead of myself in the past. I suppose too that presently I’m more apt to take my time with things. Along the way, though, I’ve learned to enjoy the ride and the inevitable bumps. In the end, I suppose there is no good reason to expect that the future will not be bumpy as well. That being said, the big reveal has always been just around the bend….

  1. Good to hear you are progressing with your book. It’s a big thing to take on sometimes, especially fitting it into your life, making time for writing can be difficult. All the best with your completion Cody! 🙂

    • Thank you for the encouragement, Suzzy. Just when I got back into the swing of things, I got sick. Go figure. No worries, though, as I’ve found lately that taking my time with things is actually a positive. Of course, too much time can be detrimental. Nothing lasts forever….

  2. Hi Cody & thanks for stopping by Two Voices One Thought! We would like to wish you the very best with your writing & book & look forward to stopping by & reading more while getting to know you through your posts. By the way, if we can just take a second to tell you. We normally don’t like quoting something back to someone. But have to say, really loved your choice of words used: “Sometimes, though, life grants you a reprieve. A second chance to pursue the journey, only with a glimpse of truth in your back pocket. Such a chance, could only be described as A New Beginning… ” eloquent & deep!! Beautifully said! 😉

    • Your comment brings me much happiness. I just finished writing my final two blog posts yesterday. My farewell posts if you will (although, with every end there is a, well, I think you know). Tomorrow, I’ll send off some poems that I have been neurotically revising for what seems like three months (that’s because it has been exactly three months). Then, it will be just me and the book. We both hate each other, but more than that we love the hell out of each other. I’m sure we can get over our differences and tell things the way that they need to be told. It’s about time….. Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate it very much.

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