Those Little Touches


        My pulse quickens and my extremities tingle, as my fingers dance upon ebony keys.  I have just finished one of those little touches, and I know my work is almost complete.  What is a little touch?  A little touch is more than just the words upon a page.  It’s the middle layer, the ivory between black, the alternate possibility that opens the door into a hidden realm.  A realm where all is not what it seems.  A realm immersed in bright, white light.

        Creating those little touches is why I write.  It’s also why I get behind on deadlines, and forget to submit my work.  The problem you see is that I always want just a little bit more.  One meaning is good, two is better, and three is quite divine.  Even then, though, it is hard to quit.  Four, five, six, why not?  By some estimates, English has more than a million words—almost all of which have multiple meanings.  This, of course, means there is inevitably another word that may convey your message more effectively and there is almost always more meaning to be squeezed out of each word.

        Still, though, one must be careful.  There is a big difference between a Kubrick who bides time to create masterpieces and a Lucas who continually destroys his original genius by indefinitely reimagining and recreating it.  No, you definitely don’t want to be the latter.  Just ask poor Greedo about that.  On the other hand, who doesn’t want to be like Kubrick?  I suppose that explains why so many good film makers have copied him over the years.  Trouble is, not everyone can be.  Sometimes you just have to know when enough is enough.

        As for me, the time has come to put the finishing touches on something that I have been working on for quite some time now.  If this year is kind, it will see the last little touch come before the stroke of midnight on this year’s last day.  If it is divine, it may come just a tad bit earlier.  Thirty-some-odd minutes would do.

        For now, I sit and ponder.  How shall it all end?  There are a few good contenders, but like Frost I know it will all come down to fire and ice.  Both are tantalizing, but only one covers everything in a layer of white.  I suppose it will just have to suffice.

19 thoughts on “Those Little Touches

  1. Cool piece of writing. What is in the works that you were talking about? A book? Or is it all just a metaphor for how you write?

  2. I like it, taking in a plethora of points and giving me something to think on, I enjoy the mystery of your creation as well, that pleases me and makes me curious, like a cat with a death wish.

    • Just “doin’ it for the bloggers”. I’m glad to hear that you like it Ste J. It feels good to know that someone as well read as you is enjoying the mystery. I just hope that I don’t cost too many lives from the metaphorical cat along the way.

      • The more I read on these ‘ere blogs, the less well read I feel which fuels my obsession with being more well read or at least to review more of what I have read. I do love a good mystery, it is why Twin Peaks had me hooked and still does.

  3. Back in my high school art class, the teacher would walk around the room scratching his chin and staring behind our shoulders making us all feel nervous. Occasionally he would holler, “STOP! Put your brush down!” And then that meant your painting was done. I kind of wish he were behind my shoulder while I write.

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