Life Continues—Unconquered

Dream fades,
Eyelids retract,
Sun illuminates,
Body moans,
Spirit awakens,
Pulse quickens,
Consciousness streams,
Reality unfurls,
Day begins,
Legs traverse,
Life continues—

25 thoughts on “Life Continues—Unconquered

    • I’m glad that you loved the end. In many ways, I owe it to a man named Yossarian. I’m glad that you noticed the blossoms too. The sun in the background does give them a nice regal hue.

    • I’ve always been fascinated by the brief moment between the other world of dreams and the here and now. In that brief moment in time, I always second guess what is real and what is imagined.

    • I’m glad you like this piece. The transition is an interesting time in our days. Thank you for commenting.

    • I’m glad that you like the flow of this poem. I spent some time working on its flow before publishing it here. Now I suppose I should get to work on editing some of my other projects.

  1. That feeling between waking up and getting up is getting easier now that the sun is out, just a shame that the days are full of so much mundane tasks. I do like that feeling of worlds colliding as the dream ends and consciousness takes over, sadly it is all too brief.

    • I hear you about the mundane tasks. Sometimes I get so absorbed by them that I’m too drained to make time for my true passions in life. I suppose I’ll just have to power through. Fortunately, like you said, the sun does make it easier.

    • Thank you. I’m glad you like this poem and think that it is beautiful. It is always nice to know that someone appreciates your work.

    • Thank you for making me feel good about my words. I’ve always liked playing with the written word, which is probably a result of my neurosis regarding the spoken word. I imagine I would do well to put the two together. Something tells me, though, things are better this way…

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