At the Lake

warm summer sun
caresses youthful skin

a gentle breeze
awakens inner truth

early morning melts
into late afternoon

worries at bay
as we rejuvenate

cool crisp water
cleanses our souls

side by side
we lie together

a perfect moment
a perfect day

lost in time
only a memory

now i stand
cold and alone

with your ashes
in my hands

ashes to ashes
dust to dust

i release you
to drift away

now and forever
at the lake


19 thoughts on “At the Lake

    • You have a good eye for detail. Doors open and doors close. The trick is finding the skeleton key. That’s a new poem that I’m working on. It still needs some finishing touches, though. I feel like the finishing touches on this poem came out nicely. Thank you for your comment.

  1. What a wonderful, surprising and touching poem!
    Expressing all that life offers us: happiness and wonder, but calamities and pain, too!
    Hoping that you needn’t suffer all this at present…

    • I’m suffering quite heavily at the moment. Don’t worry, though; it’s all in my head. In reality, the sun is out and life is good. I just tend to let my imagination run rampant from time to time…. I’m glad that you like this poem.

  2. Wow what an ending that was you provided. You have encapsulated the very essence of life there, the good and the bad and the power of memories to help us through even the darkest of times.

    • I’m glad you like the ending. Originally this poem ended around the perfect day verse. Before I got ready to post it here, though, I added in a few finishing touches and delved more deeply into the idea behind this poem. In the end, I believe it turned into one of the best poems that I have ever written. I’m glad that I kept tinkering with it. Thank you for commenting and liking this poem.

    • Gracias por el gusto de la belleza de este poema y el envío de tus abrazos usted. Su comentario me hizo sentir feliz. Gracias.

    • There’s nothing like the return of the sun to lift one’s spirits. I’m definitely looking forward to the next few months. As always, thank you for commenting.

    • I’m glad that you like the form of this poem. I’ve been playing around with different forms lately, and the form of this poem is one of my favorites. Thank you for commenting.

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