Eternal Day

I am here
I am alive

In this day
Always this day

Yesterday a memory
Ever changing particles

The slow fade
To complete dissolution

Tomorrow a dream
Blazing hot fusion

The dense crunch
Of universal want

Today a reality
Shaped by gravity

The tangible realm
Of solid matter

I am here
I am alive

In this day
I am eternal



15 thoughts on “Eternal Day

  1. I think it was Emily Dickinson who said that forever is just a collection of nows. I like that sense of immediate time, like the tide it dissipates around us, lapping at the edges of consciousness. This is a very existential piece, the more I reread it the more complex it becomes.

    • It made me happy to read that you delved into the complexities of this piece. Originally it was a simple straightforward piece. When I decided it would be my next poem for this blog, though, I couldn’t stop tinkering with it. In the end, it shaped up quite nicely. As always, thank you for your insightful comment.

      • It’s become a compulsion for me to analyse anything put in front of me. I know what you mean about the tinkering, it’s funny how easy it is to chip away at the original words and get something totally different from the original intention.

  2. Muy buen poema a la existencia y su temporalidad. Si el pasado se funde y el futuro es incierto, nos queda el día de hoy, tangible, para sentirtnos vivos.
    Muchas gracias Cody. Un gran abrazo.

    • Gracias Demiannicolás. Me hizo sentir bien a leer tu comentario sobre mi poema. Me alegro de que te gusta el contenido. Un fuerte abrazo para ti también.

  3. a beautiful and profound poem! in my book, the most wonderful moment is to be utterly present, without thinking…with myself, with things around me: sensing sounds of nature, a flower, the sky…no hurry to the next moment.

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly. The best times are when you are just chillin’ taking it all in without a worry in the world. It was good reading your comment.

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