The Plain

swooping down
the heart of darkness

flying high
golden rays of warmth

life’s maze
valleys and erupting volcanoes

unopened present
waiting for the day

eternal moment
the plain stretches forth

yesterday’s journey
buried beneath our feet

pushing forward
we forget and forgive

walking straight
into a new beginning

bidding farewell
doubt and fear fade

the tree
finally within our grasp


7 thoughts on “The Plain

  1. So much going on in this one, I like the feeling of being like a bird flying but also the mention of Heart of Darkness and all the mention of scenery is very reminiscent of that journey. The moving of time is the inevitable but it is how we deal with it that keeps us sane…or not.

    • Thank you Ste J for your wonderful insights. I tinkered with this one quite a bit. I knew I was good to go when I came up with the swooping down part to go along with the Heart of Darkness. After that I tried to create a rhythm of two words (valleys) to go along with four words (erupting volcanoes) all skirting around the plain, which would be the missing number in between. Follow the number and you find the tree (life, knowledge, etc.).

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