Last Day

the past was good
even if it wasn’t

it’s hard to let go
of what you had

tomorrow will be good
even if it won’t

it’s hard to let go
of what you want

yesterday’s gone
tomorrow never comes

one a memory
one a dream

both dangle
false reality

lost in time
lost in my mind

this is my last day
trapped in time

as I release everything
and live only for today



6 thoughts on “Last Day

  1. Ah reminiscences and hopes for the future do a lot for our perceptions, it’s good to be reminded that there is a hear and now, not just the journey from then to somewhere over there. I do have trouble living in the day when working night shifts though as I am continually a day behind, the rule being it’s not tomorrow until you have had a sleep.

    • Working nights would make it difficult to live in the day. I worked nights a long time ago. Nowadays I find that the night hours are when I come across some of my better writing ideas. I think it has to do with my mind finally being at ease.

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