Here and Now


exhaling beasts
and burdens

with gentle
calm breaths

slowly dissipates

veil of silence
peacefully unfurls

alone and

ecstasy ripples
from head to toe

freedom finally

truth here
and now

5 thoughts on “Here and Now

  1. I love this, the solitary nature of existing, just breathing and letting existence wash everything else away. It’s good to remind oneself that all the mad things we do to make money and such are small compared to just appreciating nature and existence.

      • Despite not reading lots of poetry books, I do enjoy my blog jaunts through poetry and love to study and delve into the words presented. It helps that you are so visual in your words too, just in case I approach your site being a bit dense of head on a particular day. The travels are going exceedingly well, soon we will be figuring out our plans for life too so we can go ahead and really be where we want to be.

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