The Muses



Like melodious music

The wistful words

Of ghostly muses

Whisper wisdom to me

Inspiring my imagination

Directing me onward

I am not alone

You are not alone

We are not alone

The world is alive

The muses are alive

We all are alive

We need only to listen

Without judgment

Or senseless division

To hear the music

And the message

Of all our muses

8 thoughts on “The Muses

  1. I love the photo, it reminds us that so often muses long dead, can still create ideas. Everything and anything can be and is a muse and I love the richness we have, often hidden in plain sight that suddenly reveals itself to us unexpectedly.

    • The short answer to your question is many. I suppose it is because I consider anyone who influences me to be one of my muses. The one drawback to this method is that it makes it difficult for me to keep track of all of my muses….

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