The Past, Present, & Future: A Book of Poetry – Cody McCullough

I am extremely pleased today to share with everyone a review of THE PAST, PRESENT, & FUTURE by one of the best and most prolific book reviewers on the internet, Ste J of BOOK TO THE FUTURE. I’ve read Ste J’s blog for quite some time now and I couldn’t be more happy that he has reviewed my little book of poetry. Please checkout his blog, and don’t forget to have a glass of tea and stay awhile. Without further ado, here is his review:

Book to the Future

Cody McCullough’s debut collection of poetry, THE PAST, PRESENT, & FUTURE, delves into the fleeting nature of life viewed through the prism of time. Separated into three main collections, the work touches on topics ranging from the essence of life, to family relationships, to the natural world. Featuring poems such as THE TALL FIRS ARE DANCING TODAY and THE COOL MORNING AIR, the entire collection includes a total of 73 poems written in free verse. Through his unique style, McCullough takes the reader on a journey from the beginning of existence, to the end of time, and everywhere in between.

It’s a great pleasure today to introduce, remind, or reacquaint, the reader with Cody McCullough’s blog, and new book of poetry.  I’ve been a fan of Cody’s writings for a while now, and always enjoy my visits over at his site.  This collection written in free verse is his…

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My Top Ten Poems: #10 “The Past”

     Sometimes I think of the past as though it were a reel of film. A series of individual moments captured and recorded before being spooled up and shelved. A flimsy record of the past collecting dust deep in the cavernous recesses of some ancient library archive.

     Finding myself in this dingy and decrepit archive, I unspool the film and stretch it out with my hands. Holding up the film, I focus in on an individual frame. So that’s how it happened, I think as I realize the past to be different than the perceptions and beliefs I had formulated in my mind.

     Yes, that’s exactly how I think of the past. The past was a real place of free will and choices. A place of unlimited potential that slowly faded as the unrelenting progression of the present pushed over it and onward toward a new day. Thoughts like these are what led to the entirety of this little project of mine. Soon it too will be pushed over by the progression of time. Not yet, though. Now is the time for me to take a little stroll down memory lane by revisiting some of my earlier work by discussing my top ten favorite poems.

     In at number ten is the poem that started it all, “The Past”:

The Past

Only remnants remain,
Ruins and ghosts,
Trying to speak to us
Across a great chasm;
But we cannot hear
And must imagine,
Interpret, and reinvent.

     “The Past” is the first poem that I published on this site. As such it certainly deserves a spot in my list of the top 10 poems that I have written. Looking back at it now, I can certainly see why I decided to kick off The Past, Present, and Future with it.

     When I wrote it, I wanted “The Past” to be a piece that would both encapsulate the main idea behind my first collection and also be able to stand on its own. I opted for a short piece that illustrated the fleeting nature of the past. Indeed, the past is not a place that we can reach. That being the case, there is a quite a bit of imagination, interpretation, and reinvention in our understanding of it. That idea winds its way through my whole collection to a certain degree.

     Well, that’s it for now. Next month I’ll discuss poem number nine. In the meantime, feel free to perhaps spend some time thinking about the past and what it means to you.


Enjoying that Bend Life

Still working on making time. In the meantime, I thought I’d reblog a post from my recently revived travel blog: Four Traveling Macs. Let me know what you think.

Four Traveling Macs

Dark starry nights offset by bright sunny days are what I remember most about growing up in Bend, Oregon. Of course, now-a-days Bend is known as a vacation destination for outdoor enthusiats and so much more. If you’re thinking about visiting Bend, here are 8 great activities to include during your stay.

  1. Float the Deschutes: There’s no better way to cool off on a hot Central Oregon summer day than to float down the crisp, cool water of the Deschutes River. Rivervend Park is a great place to put in. Continue floating down the river to the man-made rapids just below the Colorado Avenue Bridge. More advanced users may want to try out the whitewater channel.
  2. Traverse the Bend Ale Trail: The Oregon equivalent to “When in Rome…” would be: When in Oregon, drink craft beer. The Bend Ale Trail allows you to do just that. The trail includes…

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The Muses



Like melodious music

The wistful words

Of ghostly muses

Whisper wisdom to me

Inspiring my imagination

Directing me onward

I am not alone

You are not alone

We are not alone

The world is alive

The muses are alive

We all are alive

We need only to listen

Without judgment

Or senseless division

To hear the music

And the message

Of all our muses