A New Beginning Trailer


   As I mentioned two weeks ago, sometimes past memories bubble up and explode into my consciousness.  That process has happened again, only this time it was not a memory: it was A New Beginning….  Having worked everything through in my mind, the time has come to complete what began long ago.  One last time my “Ancient Eyes” peer into the dark cavernous cave in my mind, seeking to illuminate the path that culminates with “The End of Time.”  As 2013 dwindles, my optimism grows and the feeling that I’ve been here before engulfs me.  For now, I depart on my journey to complete this project before the walls tumble down and I forget where I began….

Ancient Eyes

I have ancient eyes.
They see an unbroken chain.
From the first days of existence,
They see primordial soup.

Others are near,
But they are not friends.
An epic struggle has begun,
In an unforgiving world.

Death becomes a reality,
And life a treasure.
My ancient eyes,
Pass along this history.

Others struggle,
But we fight on.
My ancient eyes,
Have more to see.

Water dissipates,
And my eyes see land.
The journey continues,
As my eyes open wide.

Land proves to be vicious,
And the journey nearly ends.
The universe intervenes,
And the chain continues unbroken.

From the ashes my eyes rise,
And my body grows.
No longer are they dwarfed.
Now they see all.

by Cody McCullough