Dad, Where Have You Gone?

A good guy, a hard worker,
Someone you’d want to swap stories with,
These are all words that I have heard to describe my father.
But, I have just one question for you Dad: “Where have you gone?”

I was just two, maybe three, when you left.
My brothers were older and perhaps they understood.
Even if they did, they didn’t tell me.  I was much too young.
So, I was left to ask, “Dad, where have you gone?”

My question never was answered.
I have heard many opinions,
But they’re all speculative, and lacking the one thing needed most,
An answer to the question: “Dad, where have you gone?”

Now I am all grown-up,
And I am older than you when you left.
I look at my children and I know,
They will never have to ask, “Dad, where have you gone?”

As I sit here with you now,
I know it’s too late,
The sickness has taken your mind,
There’s no way you can answer my question: “Dad, where have you gone?”

All of these years I have asked it,
And only now, do I wish it had been aloud.
Your blank stare tells me that my chance has passed,
And I’ll never hear the answer to my question: “Dad, where have you gone?”

by Cody McCullough