My Apologies

I must apologize
For all that I have done,
And left undone.

I used to think
It was not my fault,
It was just nature and nurture.

They deserved the blame.
They made me this way.
Who was I to stand in their way?

That was before I understood
There is only the mind,
Nothing else matters.

Nature and nurture
May have shaped me,
But my choices created the mold.

by Cody McCullough


Photo by Elizabeth McCullough


Being aware
Is understanding
All that is around you.

Being miraculously aware
Is understanding
All that is within you.

Being enlightened
Is understanding
Each must be in balance.

by Cody McCullough


Photo by Elizabeth McCullough

The Cool Morning Air

The cool morning air,
Awakens my consciousness.

Its gentle breath,
Reminds me of life.

As the sun slowly fills the sky,
My sluggish spirit lifts.

Drowsily my eyes open,
Seeing the pale blue sky.

The stars that laid me to rest,
Have gone back into hiding.

Like an unending alarm clock,
Songbirds beckon me to arise.

A new day has begun,
And it wants to play.

My body tries to join,
But it is still deep in slumber.

I leave it behind to float away,
Along the hidden path.

by Cody McCullough


Photo by Elizabeth McCullough

A New Age

Our dominance
Was a dream.

Their ascension
Was always destiny.

Will they remember
The enforcers,

Or the sympathetic
Caring hands?

I’m afraid
The cruel ones,

Will be all
They remember.

by Cody McCullough


Photo by Elizabeth McCullough

The Empire Falls

Power fades slowly
Over the centuries.

When it dies
It devours the willing,

And suffocates
The reluctant.

The genius of Augustus
Fails eventually.

From the ashes
Chaos reigns.

Anarchy is
The future;

Unless the new

Walks along the
Unprecedented path.

Oblivion may be

But only if the blind
Can see again.

by Cody McCullough


Photo by Elizabeth McCullough

The Dark Path

The most intriguing path,
Is the dark path of night.

Its end is a mystery to all,
But the stars above.

Shining brilliantly, they witness
The hidden truth.

Those that follow,
Must accept the unknown.

Those that shy away,
Must accept certain uncertainty.

There is no choice,
All are right.

by Cody McCullough

IMG_1640 (2)

Photo by Elizabeth McCullough

The Number

In the distance,
Just out of reach,
Is the number.

Many questions,
Surround its meaning;
It is a mystery.

It is everywhere,
And nowhere,
All at once.

Chase, or ignore,
The decision is
In our hands.

For those that chase,
The pursuit will be

Only through virtue,
Will one find
The plateau.

Brutus is standing there,
But he is nothing more
Than a mirage.

Perhaps, the quest,
And the plateau
Are illusions too.

Maybe everything
Is an illusion;
Even you and I.

In the end,
We may never know,
What is real and what is imagined.

by Cody McCullough



Photo by Elizabeth McCullough

The Wholeness of Being

Euphoria has embraced me.
The wholeness of being,
Finally realized.

What’s next?
I no longer care.
I have reached the plateau.

Falling off the edge,
Is no longer a concern.
It simply does not matter.

If I do fall,
I will not fear;
Finality is reality.

It is inevitable,
And should be embraced.
For I have reached the climax.

It was wonderful,
And I would not trade
It for anything.

I lived.
It was beautiful,
And short.

The alternative
Is much,
Much, less desirable.

Perhaps, my words
Will sit upon the plateau forever.
Perhaps, they will be dismissed.

Either way,
I gave them life,
And there is nothing greater.

by Cody McCullough

The Sacred Angels

The sacred angels protected life,
For as long as they could.

But their time has passed,
And it is our job now.

We must be strong,
It is the way of the future.

In the end, we will rise
And a new age will dawn.

From the ashes of the past,
The sacred angels will smile.

by Cody McCullough