What’s Missing?

It’s an unshakable feeling,
That something’s not quite right.

Sometimes I try to push it deep down,
But it always slithers back.

“Get out of here,” I want to shout at it.
I know it would not listen.

The feeling is relentless.
“You’re not complete,” it whispers.

“Don’t you know what’s missing?” it adds.
It never stops.

Like the force of gravity,
It pulls me down.

I won’t let it convince me, though.
Why would I?

I know I can be complete.
I know that I have everything that is important.

I won’t let it win, because I know:
It’s not an it, it’s them.

by Cody McCullough


Photo by Elizabeth McCullough

2 thoughts on “What’s Missing?

  1. Couplets of determination increasing to a climax knowing your enemy in order to defeat it. Powerful language in a strong voice. Well done.

  2. Thanks for understanding and liking my poem. I was afraid that nobody would understand what I was trying to get at with this one. It looks like I had no need to worry.

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